Private Client Services

2021, single-channel video, color, sound.
19:18 min.

Private Client Services
documents a performance in which I attempted to launder money through the acquisition of an artwork. This project is ongoing. Above is a short video I made in spring 2021 in collaboration with The Canary Test, a gallery in Los Angeles, and an audio recording of selections from interviews I did with financiers, deallers, curators and artists discussing money laundering and financial specualtion in the art world. 

The birth of conceptual art in the late 1960s coincides with the end of the gold standard in 1971. Money and art were no longer linked to objects with intrinsic value; they became dematerialized social constructs that exist in perpetual transformation. Professions and practices, based on discretion, have evolved to take advantage of this mutability: art advisement, private wealth management, shell corporations and registered agents. Money laundering is the paradigmatic example of this method. Behind closed doors, any object of belief can be transformed into a vector for cash.

©maura brewer