1550 Blue Jay Way

2021, single-channel video
In 2018, Jessica Manafort (Paul Manafort’s oldest daughter) released her second feature-length film, a neo noir thriller called Rosy

Around the time that Jessica Manafort was working on Rosy, her husband, Jeffrey Yohai, was involved in a series of real estate scams around Los Angeles, for which he is currently serving time. 1550 Blue Jay Way tells the story of those crimes and their aftermath. 

Jessica Manafort

2018, single-channel video
Jessica Manafort is a video about the relationship between Jessica Manafort, a filmmaker, and her father, Paul Manafort, political operative.

In 2007, Jessica Manafort wrote and directed her first feature-length film, a teen drama called “Remember the Daze.” Paul Manafort invested millions in its production. Using footage from the original film, “Remember the Daze” is reimagined as a film about money laundering. 

The Surface of Mars

2016, single-channel video
The Surface of Mars is the third in a series of video about the actress Jessica Chastain. The video combines footage of Chastain from three films: The Martian, Interstellar and Zero Dark 30. Across these films, Chastain plays a similar type, a high-achieving career woman who pursues a non-romantic male counterpart – Matt Damon, Osama Bin Laden, dad. 


2015, single-channel video
:/nterstellar is an  video that appropriates footage from the 2014 film Interstellar, starring Jessica Chastain.

In an early scene, Chastain’s character encounters a drone, defined as “an unmanned object, operated from a remote location.” The logic of drones becomes the logic of girls, in the thrall of their “remote” fathers. 

Zero Dark Birthday

2014, single-channel video
A video about Jessica Chastain, Osama Bin Laden, stealth helicopters and camouflage. Military tactics are a psychic landscape. The depressed subject disappears into her environment.

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