I make essay videos that draw together material from many sources – Hollywood film, youtube, hacked text messages, public records, diagrams and animations – rewriting these materials to tell stories about the production of identity in neoliberal capitalism. I’m interested in the relationship between feminism and capitalism, autonomy and depression. In my work, artifacts from digital culture (like films, videos, text messages, or images from social media) are read symptomatically to reveal underlying motivations or truths beyond their original intention.    

I am a 2023 Guggenheim Fellow, a recipient of the LENS Award at LACMA, the Fellowship for Visual Arts at CCF and the City of Los Angeles Individual Artist Fellowship. My ongoing money laundering project, Private Client Services, received a 2022 Creative Capital Award. My work has been exhibited at MoMA, Art in General in New York, the MCA in Chicago, and the Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève in Geneva, among other places. I’ve received press coverage in The Paris Review, CBS News, Art Agenda and the Guardian. I live in Altadena, California, where I work as a private invesitgator at Lynx Insights & Investigations

Alongside my video practice, I’ve also been involved in a number of collaborations: I am a co-founder of The Rational Dress Society, a counter-fashion collective, and Arts Research Collective, an experimental art school. On holidays, I make collaborative videos with the artist Pau S. Pescador.  I live in Los Angeles, where I work as a private investigator.

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